This semester has been extremely formative for me as a man preparing to enter the pastorate. I’ve been taking an into preaching class with one of the preaching professors whose style is that of one who understands the glory of God.

In this class, there is much discussion about this technique and that technique, this principle, and that principle. There are these things to do and those to avoid. Much of this has not sat well with my soul. Finally this past Thursday it all paid off. He talked about the hermeneutic of glory.

Here’s the key: when you study a passage, look for the glory. When you prepare a passage, make it your aim to be ravished by the glory of it. When you are praying for your people, pray they will see the passage’s glory. When you preach, preach the glory of the passage. If you do so, they will do one thing. It is the one thing required of every sermon. It is the only need from any exposition: instantaneous worship.

It is so freeing. If you can make them worship, it doesn’t matter which illustrations you used, what applications you have labored toward. If they leave in humble adoration of the living God, having met with him that morning, evening or whenever – the sermon succeeds. Glory.

I’m writing a book on the glory of God. I will definitely incorporate what I’ve learned.

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