If the Spirit of God does not animate me, I am a dead man walking.

The men of God throughout the ages who were of any use did not obey the Scriptures in their own strength. Rather they leaned hard into the power given from above. Howell Harris endured numerous beatings; George Whitefield would preach thrice daily and then return to his quarters to intercede for hours more; Francis Asbury would travel through the American Frontier to preach to little shacks of people gathered. These men could never have done what they did without that divine influence which enlivened their bodies with a usefulness beyond themselves.

I have experienced recently such death within myself that no human help will do. I have spent too long living in my own strength. I cannot endure the trials of this life in what strength I have of my own life. Nor can you believer.

Some day there will be such trials upon the world as have never been known to this earth before. Have you considered that your life is being prepared for such days if indeed it is being prepared? Have you pains, and toils and broken heartedness beyond every energy to endure? Take heart that you are not alone, a divine influence and that alone can lift you above your pain and pour into your life such strength as will keep you sustained in your pain.

It is given to the church to experience not only green pastures and quiet waters but also that deathly valley where there is no light but the occasional rays from the Shepherd’s lamp. Do you know that valley? I assure you, the church is about to become acquainted with that valley and its only comforts will be the Shepherd’s staff of guidance, rod of protection and presence. That alone. There is no other well of living water.

Is your heart shattered, dreams dashed, and plans foiled? God help you to trust him with your plans and dreams and hopes. If he fulfills them, they will be in his time. Should he delay them, he will do so with the eye on the greater glory of our eternal happiness and earthly good.

Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him and he will do it.

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