There is a glory to finding a new musical artist or band. When perhaps everyone but you has heard of them, but their album or song came at exactly the right moment – when life is mundane, when suffering breaks you and your ability to enjoy life – suddenly the heavens split and your ears, yea, your soul rejoices at the glory coming through your speakers.

Certain groups, artists and pieces have been like that for me: John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme, Explosions in the Sky’s “Birth and Death of the Day,” Handel’s Messiah, just about everything Josh Garrels has put out. Each of these has broken glory through at a time when I was lost in the wilderness of affliction, broken hardheartedness, or a multitude of other burdens and trials.

You know, that’s what Christ was for me. I was an atheist, pretty happy with where I was in life aside from occasional depression. All the sudden an awareness breaks in – there’s more to this world than materialism, biology and an endless cycle of life/death/birth. Indeed, each of the things which the philosophy of the day – materialism, postmodernism, enter-your-ism proclaimed – was quite wrong. I cried out to Jesus at a momentous time, during an accidental overdose of my antidepressant, and I for the first time experienced the glory behind the glories I saw in sunsets, amazing albums, and poetry. Yes, Jesus is the power behind those glories. I experienced him for the first time May 4, 2010. Things have never been the same.

Do you know this glory? I tell you every enjoyment, whether it is sanctioned by the church or not really finds its origins in Jesus. They are messages in the bottle – even the vilest of sins – calling you home.

When that tremendous artist, in tune with the joy all around us, reaches your ears – remember that there is a great King mighty to deliver you from the endless burdens, monotony and brokenheartedness.

Christ, O Thou, art all I want

More than all in Thee I find...

Raise the fallen, cheer the faint

Charles Wesley, Jesu Lover of My Soul

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